5 Ways to Clean the Carpet at Home

In today’s busy world, after putting your all efforts and time into cleaning the carpet. We ultimately get stuck between the food and beverage spills, splashes and filthy accidents which might affect our health mentally and physically.

Indeed, the number of people carpeting their home is increasing day by day in remote as well as rural areas across the globe. Besides its beauty, warmness and softness. One reason people love carpeting is, it requires frequent vacuuming and scrubbing to keep it new and fresh.

However, sooner or later you will face the situation where getting stain, splashes or dirt on your carpet becomes a real pain. Professional cleaning service providers handle these things in a very simple way.

Considering health to be the most essential assets. Here are 5 professional’s way you should follow to keep your carpet clean and germs free.

Avoid rubbing the stain forcefully

In order to get rid of stain, rubbing it over and over again until the carpet gets damaged is one of the common mistakes made by many people.

As more you rub the stain, higher the chance of permanent stain marks which spreads bacteria and also leads to health issues such as fever, asthma. It is not the situation to be stressed as advised by experts.

Carpet specification

It is necessary to know the specification of your carpet in depth before jumping into the action directly. Carpets have different durability, qualities, pattern, texture and thickness. Some carpets are stained resistant and durable. Each of them is treated or cleaned in a specific way.

There are many types of fiber carpet. Some of them are nylon, acrylic, wool, polyester etc.

Stock Essential’s cleaning equipment at home.

Cleaning experts are always ready to remove the stain efficiently from carpet or anyplace, it is only possible because they are always updated and kept the latest equipment and material at their hand. Keeping the essential equipment already at appropriate places leads to time saving and best performance.

  • Ammonia: ammonia is a chemical substance which is used to get rid from carpet stain. It is one of the affordable items which acts as a multipurpose substance for cleaning a broad variety of stains.
  • Red wine stain remover: Use of this item helps to rinse out spilled wine, coffee, sauces, ink, juice or even blood. It can be used in both clothes and carpet. It works on fresh and dried stains without the use of bleach and other chemicals.
  • Wet wipes: In case of an emergency or absence of equipment. You can also use wet clean cloth or wipes to absorb the dark marks and stain from the carpet.
  • Carpet Stain Remover with trigger spray: This product is one of the personal choices of mine too. In an instant, it removes the durable and stubborn carpet stains without scrubbing the affected area. It also prevents strain from reappearing. It works on greasy foods and beverages.
Ice to remove gum from carpet

Removing chew gum from carpet with ice is one of the easiest and effective ways but if you let the stain on carpet for a long time then it gets even harder or might not even work.

By freezing gum, it reduces stickiness and makes it easier to remove since it causes atoms to contract and relax its connection to the carpet.

Handling wax stain

While using candles for sweet aroma and emergency lighting during absence of electrical power supply. Sometimes the candle ended on the carpet unknowingly.

The effective way to clean the wax is to melt the wax. Put the cloth on the affected area and run the iron over it until it melts down. After that, soaked the melted substance with a clean small piece of cloth. Repeat the process and there you got.

By following above mentioned cleaning tips, you will be able to maintain the carpets. At the lease end, you will only need to do superficial cleaning. But if you failed to do the cleaning then you obviously need to hire professional cleaners for carpet steam cleaning.