Helpful tips from professional cleaners to take care of your marble

Cleaning marble stains

Marble is highly durable but softer than any other natural rocks. It absorbs the stain quickly. So, it is necessary to clean up any spills instantly with a paper towel or cloth, if the spills contain acidic or (citric) citrus fruits and juice.

If your marble tiles are affected by stains, you may be able to remove it through the following ways:

Oil-based, organic, or dirt

If your marble tile is affected by an oil-based product, organic materials like (tea, coffee, food, etc.) or dirt, gently scrub the area with water, a clean cloth, and a solution of baking soda with ammonia. Therefore, you can also use poultice herbs to remove organic stains as it contains 6% hydrogen peroxide.

But don’t ever try to mix two or more chemicals like ammonia, acetone, etc. The mixture produces harmful and lethal gas. It will be beneficial and more effective if you use an individual substance.


Rusted iron nails, cans, metal decorations, etc. might cause rust on your marble. Once your marble is affected by rust, it might be hard to remove. The way out is the use of homemade stain remover, poultice.

Apply the poultice paste to the stained area. Cover it with plastic wrap and wait for 24 to 28 hours. Remove the plastic wrap and rub the dried poultice using a plastic spatula. You will get cleaned marble.


If your marble has paint stains, you can remove it with a lacquer and a razor blade. Be very careful while using a razor blade as it might scratch the marble surface if intense pressure is applied.

Preventive measures

Here are some of the preventive measures that you can follow to make your marble stain free.

Mop the marble regularly: Mop the marble surface regularly to avoid possible stain deposits. It will also help to elongate the life of your marble.

Use coaster and trivet

Coaster plays a crucial role in protecting your luxury marble from stains and scratches. If you have installed a marble counter, then it is necessary to use coasters. Even if beverages (alcohol, acidic or lemon juice, etc.) drips over the edge of your glass, then it won’t fall on the marble. It will land on the coaster helping you to take care of the marble.

If you tend to put hot foods on your marble counter, then you should immediately break this habit. This behavior might degrade the life of the marble. Instead, use a trivet. It will maintain the life of marble and also prevents from degrading.

Use mats

Using rugs and mats helps to minimize the existence of dirt and debris that may leave scars and scratches on your marble tile floors. That’s why it is the best choice to keep rugs and mats at your doorway. You can wipe your shoes off when you come inside. It will also prevent dirt from entering the house.

To prevent metal stains on your marble surface, you can keep a rubber mat below the metal object.

Clean spills immediately

If you drop the spills accidentally, clean it instantly with a paper towel or cloth. After that, prepare the solution of soap and water to clean the area. Finally, wait for your tile to dry. This method will prevent stains and acidic food spills and drinks.

We believe this blog post on preventing and cleaning marble stains will help you to take care of your marble. If you have less time to engage in these matter then you can delegate the cleaning tasks to our professional cleaners. Contact us to learn more.