How to clean marble tile like a pro

Marble tile is one of the decorous and luxury flooring options with varieties of beautiful designs available. It is also considered a highly durable flooring material. The good thing about marble is – it doesn’t require any special maintenance and protection but it’s good to be aware of damages and stains, such as spilling acidic drinks, food, (strong alkali), or any acidic substance on it.

So, it’s important to treat/ clean the marble on the regular basis to keep the tile shine and brand new. You can do the job but if you have less time to consider these things then you can hire a professional cleaner. They will help you to make your marble clean and shine like bright new. But if you are doing the cleaning then you should learn the correct way to maintain the marble tile otherwise it will just do the harm. For your easiness, we have prepared some tips for maintaining marble tiles.

Step One: Dust Mop

Using a dust mop is an effective way, rather than using a regular broom to clean dirt and trash. Make sure that the mop has a soft and furry head as it grabs the dust efficiently. In today’s market, microfiber dust mop is considered as the best choice and best quality mop product.

The dust mop is meant to be used dry, not wet as it prevents rubbing like sand and dirt from scratching your marble. Make sure to mop twice or thrice in a week. If the dirt and grit build on your floors, unnoticeable scratches and marks may occur.

Step Two: Vacuum with care

Using a dust mop is the safest way to clean the marble floor dirt and dust. However, I do not recommend you to use a vacuum. But in case of an emergency, if you use a vacuum cleaner, make sure that the wheels are unimpaired or use a special brush attachment to prevent from damaging the floor. Also, prevent metal attachment.

Step Three: Select a PH neutral soap

Choosing a mild soap having neutral pH is the cheapest way of cleaning the marble tile effectively. When it comes to cleaning the marble tile, you should use a mild soap that has a neutral pH. Avoid products like harsh cleansers which are too acidic, solution of lemon, vinegar or bleach, etc because it actually can damage your marble tile.

You can also find a neutral cleaner at hardware stores to wash your marble tile.

Step Four: Use a soft cloth

Avoid using scrubby or wire sponge, steel wool (metal) as it can scratch the marble. Instead of that, soft cloth is the best and safest way for cleaning backsplashes and countertops.

Step Five: Remove standing water

When you wet the mop, don’t forget to squeeze the water out of the mop so that it won’t splash excess water onto your floor. After you have finished mopping, wipe down the surface with a clean cloth and wait for 15 – 20 minutes to prevent the water spots.