How to clean your entire home quickly?

Cleaning has been synonymous with stressful and exhausting tasks as we need to look after different things. But we can’t ignore it otherwise it will severely impact our health and hygiene. Hence our friendly cleaners have come up to share effective cleaning tips and suggestions that can help you to get things done without making you exhausted.

Understanding concepts of quick cleaning

A quick cleaning is not a way of cleaning your home with white glove. Instead, it is all about getting things done in a smart way following maintenance order and cleanliness. Whenever you get a chance, even on your busiest day, you can start your cleaning task with any strategy.

These are some simple tips that you can follow which assists you in the most effective way to complete your goal as soon as possible.

Start with your dishes and laundry

If your curtains and bed linens are too dirty and needed to get the work done, get them all in the washing machine. So that they will be cleaned while you do another task in the house. If you also have unwashed dishes in the sink, get those cleaned up while you dive to other rooms.

Clean from top to down

Now, it is time for you to start dusting from top to down. You should start working on the ceiling, fan and then get the lowest part of the surface area. This will evade the dust from falling below the surface you have already cleaned.

Dispose of unwanted household items

While you are working on each room of your house, verify the damaged, old and unwanted items quickly to banish it from the house. You should put away those items you no longer need in a designated box for donation or for garbage. It will increase productivity in your task.

Invest in essential cleaning appliances

You should invest in any cleaning device that meets your required needs and suitable situation. Thus, most of the gadgets are pretty spendy. Most of the time, they do not do the task they are supposed to perform.

So, save your time and money to discover the cleaning gadgets and products that help you to clean your entire home quickly.

Develop the habits of 15 minutes clean up

Have you ever noticed that you can clean any room in your house in just 15 minutes? It is an adequate time for you to bring sparkle in your kitchen, bed room, living room, bathroom, furniture and floors.

Hence, the ultimate key to clean your entire house quickly is to develop the habits of 15 minutes clean up and tackle one minutes chores.


Cleaning the house is not really stressful. If you make a habit of it then it can really be enjoyable. But if you are thinking of hiring a professional cleaner for regular house cleaning in Canberra then you can contact End of Lease Cleaning Experts Canberra. We have been providing different cleaning services to our clients at different locations in Canberra regions. We will take care of your cleaning tasks and help you to maintain hygiene at your house.